viperpilotzgirl (viperpilotzgirl) wrote in in_college,

Mental Disb. should never be rewarded with Food (candies or treats

I saw this show on Fox News. This has to do with my last post and the reply to budget cuts from the main college and the mental disb. student department is getting more money to take them on baby feild trips and getting Happy Meals(Another Type of Food Treat, but with a baby toy to boot). I was watching this show and they talking about the mental disb people are not capable of knowing anything past the I.Q of a 3 year old being potty trained and being rewared with food. They talk about how people like this belong more in a adult day care and not in a college. They went on about a college is for learning and teaching...How a college is not a day care. They also talked about budget cut back on classes for people that are trying get there degrees and they loosing out, because colleges are giving and putting out the monet towards the mental disbs that range in ages from 18 to 50 years old and can't even say there ABC's. They asked why take away from the people that are working hard to be somthing and give it to a person that has a I.Q of a Dune Bug! They talked how these mental college students are giving food for award like a dog being trained to do what it's told. This guy stated like a dog if you don't have the food on you...The mental person just like the dog...They will refuse to do what it's told , because you don't have it's food treat...If you caught on to this..You know that these mental disb so called students are ONLY WORKING FOR THE FOOD TREATS ONLY AND NOTHING MORE, THEY JUST WANT GET SWEET CANDIES AND TREATS!!!

If you ever notice they repeat the same thing over and over and they are not really showing how to do anything else. Mental Disb. can be easy trained like trained seal with there food treats and after the mental person is psyically(Showing hands on and each step they giving a treat) showing to do things up to 10 to 15 things they stopped and just tell them do one the throses thing and they are then giving the food award! So in reality they are not learning shit! They just compare a Words and there action to there Food treat...Just like a animal! This is how we train our dogs if you use food awards...I Never use food to traine my dogs...I did once and never agian..Because, If I din't have the food on me that dog would not do what I said for just a prase. Not I strictly train on Praise ONLY...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Food Treats!
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