Mrs. RJD, on 5/1/2009.. (puppypunk) wrote in in_college,
Mrs. RJD, on 5/1/2009..

x Help x

I need any help possible... I am an accounting major and lets just say I don't do well "thinking outside the box".

I have an 8 page dialogue due and I really need any help that is offered.

The topic says "You can satisfy the final journal requirement by writing an 8 page dialogue about Justice. The dialogue should develop a dramatic context like those evident in Plato's work, explore different points of view with respect to Justice, and develop plausible characters. The topics of discussion might include: the distribution of goods and services in society, the role of personal responsibility in determining what a state should give its citizens, the nature and purpose of punishment, and the concept of fairness. Other, related topics are encouraged. This is your opportunity to be creative, but you must also be responsible and focused."

I have a feeling that It will be very childlike if I basically have a 1 way conversation with myself and make different characters. Any imput would rock!! Thank you in advance.
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