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My college talks about buget cuts and cutting back on teachers and classes

But, the Disb. Deapartment is using up most the funds. Not just getting speical books, computers, internet and having more 1 to 1 staff for each disb student.But, I just found out they are doing feild trips to the malls, movies, restrunts and amusment parks. I'm not ragging on the disbs. I myself have a learning disb. with spelling, grammer and math. I personally don't use the disb department, Disb tecahers for tutoring(I go to the Math lab)as for the spelling and grammer...I learn by my mistakes. Anyhow, When I was heading home on the public bus...I ran into that mental girl and her group and she got into my face and told me all about the feild trip they are going on and they going McDonalds and the college Disb Department is paying for there day pass($2.75 per a person)for the bus and they had like 24 + 5 teachers of them mental heads and X's that by 2.75... you get...$79.75......!!!then god knows how much at McDonalds...I'm sure over $100.00 and so on! On the bus there was this 34 year old Disb guy and he was making farting noises and the others being tards and making noises and so on. Well, It remined me of my mom's 8 window little yellow bus she drives.Yes! my mom drives a Speical Ed bus. But, still when did my college come a adult day care and when did they start taking them on FEILD TRIPS TO MCDonalds!!!!! They talking about budget cuts..Why not cut the feild trips and teach the disbs...then well taking them out on a baby feild trip...GOD FUCKING DAMN THIS IS COLLEGE...NOT CAMP RETARD!
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