viperpilotzgirl (viperpilotzgirl) wrote in in_college,

Mental Disb. Student Proublems

I have this problem at my Community College with a mental disb 20 year old student bugging me all the time. I'm there to learn not be harassed by this silly disb girl. I will also see her on the public bus(I sometimes will take the bus if I don't want drive and use gas for 7 miles to school and plus the bus stop is right in front my apartment and stops right at the college) This girl rides the bus all the time. Well as soon as she gets on the bus or school's lounge or cafe. She starts getting loud with her talking and she talks non-stop and she talks like she's the greatest person in the world.

Thursday when she got on the bus and sat behind a friend and I. I was at the time telling my friend and showing pictures of my show dogs and how I show dogs and win quit offen. Well, this girl butts in tells us she has wall full of Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons and more Ribbons and so on. She likes to talk about being famous model or whatever. Anyhow, She claimed to show dogs after she saw my winning pictures from the dog shows. I decided to mess with her, So I played her bull shit game. I asked her what bred and so on....She stated she had a Terrier mix. I finally told her all she says is lies and she should not lie. She said it's was all true..I said she was full of shit. I know the AKC would NEVER allow a mix breed into there shows, AKC is the SPORT OF PUREBRED DOGS! I said it very loud, because I wanted the whole public bus to know it. Everyone on the bus goes to college and they all are tired of her bragging about how great she is. You can easy tell she's a mental head case. Well, when I stated the facts... the others on the bus clapped when I put her lies to truth and she started to cry. Now she's harassing me .. she is calling me a ugly bitch and I'm a lier..Unlike her I have pictures and proof to back up my claims.

I been trying to stay away from this girl, but she keeps comes by me and tells me I'm stupid. I have complained to the dean about this girl's harassment.

I trying to get my A.S degree to trans. to a vet school. I spend my lunch hour doing school work in the lounge and this girl will come and bug me. I even tried to getting up and moving and she follows me and brags how great she is and she's a model. I'm getting pissed off at this girl.
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